Welcome to Operation Party Dress – Winter/Spring 2018.  The objective of this 8 week program is to help you drop pounds and inches just in time for Spring.  Expect to feel FABULOUS, look AMAZING and have the CONFIDENCE to rock your Party Dress at our Party Dress REVEAL Celebration.  A-Train's Super Fit will bring you two options for this winning program. 

Our 8 week Health & Wellness program includes:

  • ·        Online Coaching
  • ·        Required Weekly Check-Ins
  • ·        New Easy to Follow Meal Plan with Supplementation Guide
  • ·        Grocery Store Tour
  • ·       Meal Prepping & Planning Workshop
  • ·        Create Your Vision Workshop
  • ·        Party Dress Reveal Celebration


Cost per participant  $120  - Sign up in Studio or Online  by clicking the button below 

Project Party Dress – Winter / Spring 2018 Key Dates:

*** Will be updated soon with all key dates**

Introducing Operation Party Dress - 2018 Winter/Spring