Welcome to A-Train's 10 Day Low Carb Challenge

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"Train the mind, and the body will follow".   Its that time of year when the summer is fast approaching and you need a solution that will work quickly and give you the confidence to achieve your goals.  We have a solution that provides those results.  Welcome to A-Train's 10 day low carb challenge.   Get ready to re-set your will power.    Get ready to gain control over your cravings.   And it all will happen in a short 10 days.     In this plan, we are training our bodies to utilize fat for energy, rather than carbohydrates.    The advantages of this 10 day challenge include:

a.  Blood sugar control - low carb diets can be useful in helping to improve insulin resistance.

b. Weight loss - lowering your intake of carbohydrates will help shed excess water retention and give you that lean feeling. 

c.  Appetite suppression -theres no  better diet than a low carb diet that will give you control over your cravings.

A-Train's Super Fit's 10 Day Low Carb Challenge  will jump start your summer body goals.    But please be aware....This is not a plan for everyone.   Those who are on a plant based diet may find it more challenging to achieve a state of ketosis because all plants contain carbs.    Please consult your physician before attempting any diet.  

Here are  A-Train's  rules for induction of Ketosis:

1.   Your diet must contain no more than 30gms of carbohydrate a day.   For most people, induction of ketosis can be achieved on 20gms - 30gms a day.   This allows for 3 cups of salad vegetables (loosely packed) or 2 cups of salad plus 2/3 cup of cooked vegetables in the below 10% carbohydrate category.

2.  When hungry, eat only the amount that makes you feel satisfied, not stuffed.  When not hungry, eat nothing or just a small protein snack. 

3.  Track your food on myfitnesspal app.   This app has a barcode scanner that will identify the correct breakdown of a food's macro nutrients.  

4. Drink 75 ml of water as a minimum amount that you should drink daily.    Feel free to add sliced lemon, sliced lime, or cucumber to your water.   Drink green tea or detox tea (brand of your choice) throughout the day.  

To get your list of A-Train's 10 Day Low Carb challenge acceptable foods and beverages, please download it by clicking the button below.