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A-Train's Super Fit

The Hottest Workout in Women's Fitness

Are You looking for the Motivation to get back on track?

​We are here to Motivate, Inspire, and Support you with a results driven plan to become your BEST version of yourself!   We offer Fit Solutions for women including transformation programs and instructor led Group Fitness Classes. 

Do something today that your future self will thank you for! ​​

​​When it comes to Women's Fitness, we are your Coaches!  Our mission is to Motivate, Inspire, and Impact women to live a healthier lifestyle. 

Our classes are designed to:

  • SCORCH calories like crazy
  • and SCULPT your body with beautiful lean muscle!

Expect to feel EMPOWERED after the workout!  You will begin to feel confident and strong as you discover your inner Fit Girl!

And did we forget to mention Energy?  Your energy levels will soar!  This is absolutely the best investment you can make in your health!  
GET YOUR DREAM BODY!!!!                        SCULPT EVERY INCH!!!!

To contact us, please email: adriene@atrainsuperfit.com
A-Train Super Fit Studio location ​2055 Rawsonville Road (I-94 and Rawsonville Road in the Kmart shopping plaza) ​Belleville, MI 48111